Know these first aid tips before you hit the roads

Thousands of people die in road accidents every year. According to police and medical practitioners, lot of deaths can be averted if people learn basic first aid. If you are learning to drive, you must always know the first-aid it’s so that you can help yourself and others in times of catastrophe. You may end up saving yourself and also your fellow passengers.

Here are some first-aid tips which one should know:

  • If you ever meet an accident and are conscious, you must always first check yourself and try to find if you are okay or are not in the right state. You can check this by trying to move your limbs. See if you are feeling dizzy. To help others first you have to be in the right condition.
  • If you are able to move and in a not so bad condition then you must check the others. See if they are bleeding from head, ears, neck, abdomen or any other place. Try to help people who are the quietest as they are injured the most. Chances are that they are not able to breath. People who are screaming or groaning are usually able to breathe and may not be in the instant danger of dying. You can try asking the names of the injured persons, if they are able to answer, it would mean that they have not suffered the worst of head injuries as they are able to analyse the situation and can remember their identity.
  • Immediately call an ambulance and rush the patients to hospital. Since you know about the condition of the patients you will be able to help the paramedics. Also, do not ignore your own condition, even if you are able to move and breathe. Get yourself a thoroughly checked as well.

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