How to maintain lane discipline

Avoid driving too close to the kerb. However, if you get too close to the kerb you might lose control it of the vehicle. But to maintain discipline and you must both closer so that you can allow the traffic coming from behind to move through a narrow space, allow another vehicle to overtake you, allow a motorcycle to pass through congested traffic, increase your vision and be as safe as possible as you move towards right hand bend.

You can move towards right only when you want to take a right hand turn, the pavement is crowded, or when you want to overtake other road users. If you are passing by part because, you should maintain a distance of 1 m ideally, so that you leave enough space in the car door is suddenly opened. Then passing by a stream of parked cars, do not weave through them but maintain a steady forward and the straight.

Since, you can move in multi-lane roads and might suddenly need to move in between lanes, remember to follow the right rules which you were taught during your driving lessons. You must not news in between Lanes suddenly but should have planned it a little ahead. Move in between Lanes in good time and meet the use of signals if required.

When you want to take a left turn, try to be at the left hand lane and when you want to take a right turn, ensure that you are keeping to the right hand lane. When moving straight, follow the road marks. To maintaining discipline you must always anticipate ahead when you want to change lanes. Strictly follow the award traffic guides as this will help you avoid accidents easily. Follow signals and move to the other lane when it is safe to do.

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