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Testimonial: For nearly 2 years I have been the lone evangelical on an atheist discussion forum (  I quickly discovered that much of the material I have been exposed to for dealing with atheists was inadequate.  It was designed for Christians and wasn't helpful dealing with people who claimed Jesus was a mythogical adaptation of Osiris.  Or that the hidden message in the Gospels is really about the Great Year of Astrotheology, or Christinaity is really based on Mithraism.  So, it was with great pleasure that I discovered your site and have found several of the essays posted helpful already. -Thanks You, Wayne Stahre.

Posted 07/13/12 

Book Review of Jack Deere's Surprised by the Voice of God by Brian Lawson

Posted 06/12/12
Resurrection Claims in Non-Christian Religious Traditions by Jeffrey Kendal

Posted 05/21/12
God and the Evangelical Atheist by Brian Lawson

Posted 02/19/12
Archaeology And The Bible by Michael Krauszer

Posted 07/17/11

Richard Carrier vs. JP Holding

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Note: In my opinion, Carrier killed it.

Posted 07/14/11 Essay:  The Church and the State are not separated under the law by David Ben Keyes II

Posted 11/06/10 The Atonement By Michael Nelson

Posted 05/25/10 What are the implications of the Holocaust for Christian theology? by Daniel S. Dorius 

Posted 01/06/10 Matthew 28.1 How should this be translated? by Graeme McChesney 

Posted 04/30/09: The Ongoing Demotion of Humanity by Stephen B. Gray

Posted 04/27/09: Paul's Women - A Response to Mark McFall's "Women in Biblical Times" by J.M. Blankenship

Posted 04/16/09: Contraception, Catholicism and The Modern World by James Kirk

Posted 04/10/09: Answering Easter Contradiction by Stephen Kingsley

Posted 04/03/09: Atheism in Auschwitz by Rados D. Miksa

Posted 03/27/09: Is atheism the default position? by Will Green


What you will find here: This website will provide a wide range of apologetic and general Christian and religious issues by writers of varying views.  In particular, this website will continue to be a place to find arguments both for and against Christianity. We believe that it is best to keep an open mind and to test ideas and statements for their potential validity.  Our only request is that all who come here will actively investigate and study with an open mind for the sake of discovering truth.